Information Support / Information Technologies

Being on the technology field for over 8 years, IS/IT services come naturally to us.

As a small company we understand the problems that companies this size face when dealing with technology issues like networks, hosting, integrating new equipment, developing in-house applications, etc.

So we offer IS/IT services to help our customers be more efficient with their technology resources.

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XFault lite

Based in our experience in fault management and integrations, we have developed a product that helps IS/IT departments monitor the network and receive alerts whenever a component is operating below the threshold defined for its performance. This tool allows them to do preventive maintenance before something goes wrong, preventing down times and keeping the network performing at optimal parameters.

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Google cloud consulting

Adexso has been using Google Docs for quite some time and we have developed an expertise when it comes to using this tool to manage our information. We want to share this experience with other companies that have their information centralized in personal computers to take advantage of google docs, providing them with a document structure by departments, and with sites, reports and custom forms that will allow our customers take advantage of this structure for their own information needs.

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