Mobile applications

We develop mobile applications to help our customers use the full potential of their smartphones.

We are a Mobile Application Developer and a Blackberry Development partner. We have the experience to design and develop tools for smartphones that allow our customers to be able to go mobile and conduct their activities on the go and into the world of mobile applications.

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Adexso has developed a product that allows a government agency to be able to conduct on the field inspections, in order to verify that establishments such as commerce and new constructions, etc. comply with city regulations related with their operations. All of this using a Mobile device, conducting a survey and exchanging documentation with the server. This allows city inspectors to fill less paperwork and the information is stored on line without the need to capture it again at the office.

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SIVIMT is a product that allows city transportation inspectors to conduct on the field inspections of the public transportation. This allows them to be able to go any place on the city and conduct the inspections using a mobile device, with results posted online with graph charts where results can be easily understood. There is also a public application that can be downloaded by the regular citizens that allows them to fill surveys regarding the service with information that helps city officials take actions to solve issues.

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Mistery Shopper

Mistery Shopper is a mobile application designed to be used by customers of a business so they can fill a survey recording their experience at the store or with the services provided. This provides valuable information to the establishment about customer satisfaction and opinion and allows the business to provide special offers to customers using this application to reward their loyalty.

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This application presents simplified maps for amusement parks or massive public or private events, which take place in open spaces. This application let the attending people know and take advantage of all they services the park or event offers to them and allows the organizers promote features they want people to use of attend, such as new attractions, store locations or restaurants, so the assistants know and use these services.

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This application is design to be use at shopping centers. It allows its users to know the stores that the center has, as well as the location of points of interest such as restaurants, parking payment, movie theatres, etc. It also gives the users access to sales that might be exclusive to the application users, this is very attractive for store owners looking to increase traffic to their stores.

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